The 2012 Budget

The 2012 Budget

The current budget (see the following spreadsheet) shows a slight improvement. This budget is only a projection. We will not know the true cost until the end of the Fiscal Year on June 30, 2012. The increase in projected revenue is due to an increase in recycling revenue. Improvements in the efficiency of the recycling center contribute to this in part, but the greatest contributor has been the increased prices in the commodities markets. In other words, we are able to sell the paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal for higher prices than in the past. The markets have been up significantly in the past year, but they can fluctuate wildly from year to year. The estimated increase in recycling revenue is more than double the average of the previous three years.

Another item to note is that total expenditures increased by almost $100,000. The increase is mainly from expenses related to salaries and benefits. While the total cost to the county will most likely be lower than in previous years, our expenses related to salaries and benefits continue to rise, and they will continue to increase year after year. The county contributes almost 20 percent of an employee’s income to the County Retirement Plan up from 13 percent just several years ago. Health care costs also continue to rise. In 2008, the county paid $194,398 in benefits. In 2012, the cost will exceed $270,000.

In a “good year”, our cost to the county is still almost $600,000. The concern is that when commodity prices fall back to more typical levels, while employee expenses continue to rise, the cost to the county will rise to even greater levels. The price we are paid for the recyclable materials cannot be controlled, but we can control our expenses, particularly the number of employees receiving salaries and benefits.


Woodford County Solid Waste/Recycling Center

Estimate Budget for 7/01/2011 – 6/30/2012

Solid Waste $ 135,000
Rumpke   $ 36,000
Recycling $ 300,000
*Non-Salary Expenses $ (274,891)
Salaries $ (499,312)
Benefits $ (271,945)

*Includes cost of Blue Bags at $40,000 per year


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